Geek To Me Radio #207: Susan Eisenberg on ‘Wonder Woman: 1984,’ Kevin Smith’s Upcoming He-man Cartoon, and Live Listener Questions

Mar 9, 2021


Susan Eisenberg ( , the voice of Wonder Woman, calls in live to Geek to Me Radio to answer listener questions, give an update on Kevin Smith’s “Masters of the Universe” cartoon coming soon to Netflix, and share what it was like being on the “Wonder Woman 1984” set with Patty Jenkins.

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Susan Eisenberg on the character of Wonder Woman being a mentor, a Wonder Woman videogame, how Covid has changed voice acting, and connecting to Wonder Woman on a personal level.

19:00 SEGMENT 2: Susan Eisenberg on her relationship with the original voice of Skeletor Alan Oppenheimer, her familiarity with He-Man and The Sorceress character, Andrea Romano and Kevin Smith’s directing styles, and what her favorite episode of Justice League is.

30:38 SEGMENT 3: Susan Eisenberg on what she misses most about conventions, live tweeting episodes of Justice League, and Justice League being available on HBO Max.

38:21 SEGMENT 4: Susan Eisenberg on visiting Patty Jenkins on the set of “Wonder Woman 1984” and James announces his new website.

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