Geek To Me Radio #227: Rockstar Stan Bush on Transformers Songs-Justin Burnette of Justin’s Comics

May 25, 2021


Stan Bush ( talks about being the pre-eminent 80’s soundtrack artist whose discography includes “The Touch” (The Transformers: The Movie), “Fight to Survive” (Bloodsport), “Never Surrender”(Kickboxer), and many other iconic hits.

“Born to Fight”

“Heat of Attack”

“The Touch”–FKUQgU

“True Believer”

Justin Burnette, the owner and manager of Justin’s Comics (, talks about what comics are hot right now and the big May sale going on now.

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Stan Bush talks about working with Netflix to create new songs for their shows “Transformers: War for Cyberton”, “BAKI”, and “Kengan Ashura”. Stan also talks about originally writing “The Touch” for the Stallone film “Cobra”, topping each subsequent album, collecting vinyl, and how Covid affected his creativity.

13:38 SEGMENT 2: Stan Bush talks about getting into music, growing up in a musical town like Gainesville, Florida with Tom Petty and Stephen Stills, his early band called Boulder, making songs for Coors and Toyota, being in a band vs. going solo, how grunge changed rock music, his son playing him in a music video, and the writing process for his new album “Dare to Dream”.

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29:56 SEGMENT 3: Stan Bush talks about collecting Transformers memorabilia from his past, being in an L.A. cover band, performing live, his music touching multiple generations, going to Bot Con, and singing with Mark Wahlberg.

36:30 SEGMENT 4: Justin Burnette of Justin’s Comics ( talks about what comics are hot including Batman and Shang Chi and his big May sale where he has 50 cent comics and 50% off toys.

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