Geeks With Wives At ZAPPCON

Oct 14, 2014

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Zappcon LogoGeeks With Wives will have a huge presence at Zappcon – a new comic book, gaming, and entertainment convention coming to Fresno California on Oct 18th and 19th. Our resident Comics podcast host and Cosplay expert, Will Elizondo, and the bad boy of comics and Geeks With Wives Editor in Chief, Casey Walsh, will be special guests and exhibitors at Zappcon’s inaugural convention.

Not only can you come by our booth and say hi to these two infamous characters; Geeks With Wives will also be the one-stop photography spot for all you cosplayers! At our booth you will have a chance to get your photo taken so we can share your Cosplay with the world on You expect professional photography and we will be conducting live, on the spot interviews with cosplayers, special guests, and attendees. We want to show the world what they are missing by not attending this once in a lifetime event.

Geeks With Wives have a huge presence on the convention floor and you won’t want to miss our Live Podcast Panel, Geeks With Wives & Free Stuff on Saturday 10/18 at 2:30pm. In which Geeks With Wives & hollybrooke1Capes hosts Will Elizondo and Casey Walsh bring their unique brand of geekery to a live audience. This is a must see event as we will be discussing the latest in comics, tv and movies as well as giving away a ton of prizes from Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Valiant Entertainment, New Worlds Comics, San Diego Comic Con, Funko, Marvel, and ComicsFix (prize list below). Audience participation is encouraged as your questions or nerd knowledge will be your ticket to one of these fabulous prizes.

Last but not least, Geeks With Wives will help conduct the Zappcon Cosplay Contest on Saturday 10/18 at 5pm. Will Elizondo with be the contest MC and Casey Walsh will be one of three judges along with cosplayers Csparklerun and Holly Brooke. Cash prizes will be award for Best in show, Best Presentation and Best Group Cosplay. Apply Here

We can’t wait to see you all at Zappcon on October 18th-19th at Valdez Hall in Fresno CA. You are going to want to miss this! For all your Zappcon info and needs visit

Geeks With Wives Panel Prize Pool
IDW Publishing
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Ultimate Collection Vol. 5 HC
CGC Rated Judge Dredd #1
Ann Rice Servant of the Bones HC
Winter World #1 Exclusive Variant
Ragnorakl #1 Exclusive Variant signed by creator Walter Simonson

Image Comics
HowToons Make Anything TPB
Saga Vol. 1 TPB
The Walking Dead Vol. 20 All Out War TPB
Displace Person TPB

Dark Horse Comics
A Home for Scared People HC
The Perry Bible Fellowship HC
BlackSad HC
Battlepug Vol. 2 HC
The End LeagueVol. 1 TPB
Dark Matter Vol. 1 TPB
R.I.P.D Vol. 1 & 2 TPB
Ghost Vol. 1 TPB
Marked Man Vol. 1 TPB

Valiant Entertainment
Shadowman Vol. 1 TPB
Archer & Armstrong Vol. 1 TPB
Harbinger Vol. 1 TPB
X-O Manowar Vol. 1 TPB
Unity Vol. 1 TPB
Quantum and Woody Vol. 1 TPB

New Worlds Comics
Goof Vol. 1 TPB x2

Digital Comics Pack (20 comics)

Fanboy Comics
Penguins vs. Possums Vol. 1 TPB

Guradians of the Galaxy Groot POP Vinyle Bobblehead

ComicsFix (Netflix for comics)
Lifetime Membership

Comics/TV Pack
Penny Dreadful DVD Ep. 1 & 2
Halo Escalation Digital Comic #1-#3

Gotham T-shirt Pack x2
Kids Pack (Exclusive John Cena Slam City Toy) Shoe Wings
Poster Pack (Limited Avengers, Arkham City, Agents of Shield p

*Geeks With Wives would like to thank Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Valiant Entertainment, New Worlds Comics, Fanboy Comics, and ComicsFix for their contributions to our panel.