Getting Ahead of the Pack This Football Season

Aug 22, 2022

Looking ahead to the new football season is an extremely exciting time. The new NFL season brings with it a lot of hope for every team, player, and fan, with a clean slate and fresh ideas. While the teams, coaches, and players are working hard in preseason to be ready for the big kick-off, there are several things’ fans need to get in place ahead of the new season.

New NFL Jerseys and Helmets

As the NFL season approaches, teams release their new jersey. This is an annual event, and the release of new NFL jerseys is always a big moment as fans look forward to seeing what they will be wearing for the next year. Recently, teams have been opting to revert to jerseys from their past, giving them a retro look and this is something fans have enjoyed. Helmets play a significant role in protecting players during a game, but they also feature stunning designs. Helmets are available for fans to purchase, and some companies even offer signed helmets, which make tremendous display pieces at home during the season. As a fan, you simply cannot be seen without the new jersey on ahead of the new NFL season.


Fans want to attend games and nothing beats being at the stadium on a Sunday to watch NFL. However, it is not always possible to watch every game, especially when teams are travelling thousands of miles across the country to play. That is where live television coverage comes in and you must have a high-quality television set-up for the football season. NFL games are screened in high definition, with some in 4K, so you must have a television that can show games using this technology. The bigger the screen size you can get, the better and mounting the television on the wall adds to the experience of watching football on a big screen. Sound is also important, and you can add a soundbar or surround sound speakers to your room, which will make you feel as though you are in the stadium. When inviting friends and family over to watch Monday night football this season, be ahead of the pack by having the latest audio and visual setup.

NFL Betting

As online sports betting has been legalised in several states, there has never been a better time to have a wager on the NFL. As the new season approaches, you need to get your betting apps organised and you will find all the football markets you need on these betting apps with free bets. The leading betting apps with free bets include DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, PointsBet, and Unibet. By installing these apps on your mobile device, you will be one tap away from a huge array of NFL betting markets and promotions throughout the season. Do not wait until the season as started, because some of the bonuses will have been withdrawn. Get organised ahead of the new football season and join the sportsbooks of your choice. You can wager on generous odds prior to the season and participate in live betting as games are played. There may even be the opportunity to access live streaming of NFL games, so installing the apps and creating an account makes sense.


This is a key element of hosting an NFL party. Having beers in the cooler and the barbeque up and running is necessary when having friends and family over during the football season. Stock up ahead of time and do not forget the non-acholic refreshments for those who must drive.

The build up to the new football season is thrilling, with the NFL Draft and the release of new jerseys and helmets. Do not wait until the season has started to get everything you need as some items could be sold out. Prepare now and you will be set for a fantastic season of NFL action.


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