Ghost Recon: Ghost War Review and Let’s Play (PC)

Ghost Recon: Ghost War Review and Let’s Play (PC)

I am a big fan of Ubisoft’s take on shooters, be it Rainbow 6 Siege or Ghost Recon. Although released a few months ago Ghost Recon still had an ace up their sleeve and decided finally bestow upon us Ghost War PvP 4×4. This new DLC content was released a few weeks ago as a free patch for everyone that owns a copy of the game. This is much more than just another mode, Ubisoft took the same successful route employed in Rainbow Six Siege. Which is to say its fully fleshed out badassery, several new maps for Tactical Team Death Match with high emphasis on tactical and team. There are also several classes with high customization options that bring their own benefits and fit nicely into the tapestry that is your squad.

Ghost Recon: Ghost Wars makes a really strong late-year push to become the preferred shooter for adults as that makes up the majority of their online player base. It is a breath of fresh air to play a team game where most if not all of your squad members have mics and use them to execute tactical excellence upon their foes arses. I submit for your consideration the following stream….


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