Ghost Rider 2099 #1 (Review)

Dec 4, 2019


Ghost Rider 2099 #1
Marvel Comics

Written by: Ed Brisson
Art by: Damian Couceiro
Colors by: Dono Sanchez-Almara
Letters by: Joe Caramagna


A new spirit of vengeance will emerge in a digital age.

In a future where citizens are on the move in a city in motion, Zero lives on the fringe of society, stealing and hacking with his friends. When his gang discovers a shipment moving through their area, they go into action but find more than they bargained for. When Zero hacks into the system, the scientists transporting an experimental robot to decide to blow the transport and it’s Zero’s father then gives the order.

With him and his friends dead, Zero is confronted by a mysterious man named Blaze who tells the young man that he has a choice of whether or not he wants to go back and get revenge. Fused with the robot body, Zero becomes the new Ghost Rider and decides that his first act is to pay his father one last visit.

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Much like the world, this story takes place in, Ed Brisson keeps this story moving. The story is paced to be fast and that comes across in both the dialogue and the action. While there are a lot of fun and entertaining elements in this first issue, the characters feel flat. Zero doesn’t really have much in the way of personality and that can mainly because the story has to move so fast to get to him becoming Ghost Rider. The abruptness of everything in the story has the double-edged sword of being suited to the environment, but detrimental to the characters.

Damian Couceiro does some great things with the visuals in this issue and the brutality is perfectly suited for the type of story being told. Visually, this issue catches the eye with great looking details and a sense of movement that captures the tone and theme.

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