GHOST TUBE: Ghost Adventures Goldfield Hotel

Oct 2, 2021

It’s been years since I’ve watched Ghost Adventures, as I didn’t have access to Travel Channel for quite some time. I’ve missed quite a few seasons, and have forgotten some events, but here I am. I was obsessed with the whole crew in High School, and I’m glad I have this opportunity to watch these guys again. The Goldfield Hotel was a name I had since forgotten about, but watching this special… I can’t believe I ever forgot it’s name, and all the deaths associated with it. I was eager to see if the crew could finally uncover what plagued this hotel.

let’s talk about Energy

Energy can effect a person. What concerns me is that Zak, as well as Aaron, have become very susceptible to energy throughout their investigative years, and they continue to go into places with large amounts of trapped energy – mostly negative energy. You know how people can walk into a place and say the energy is off, or bad? We can feel it. Sometimes we can’t put our finger on it, or realize it, but the effect is there. In the Goldfield Hotel, the negative energy has grown, so it was concerning they wanted to return at all! Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so when a person passes, their energy remains. With all the deaths, murders, and suicides that occurred in this hotel, it’s no wonder the energy there is so massive, and filled with darkness.


Yes, there were many pieces of evidence captured once again here at the Goldfield Hotel. I won’t go into specifics, as it’s better to experience it all for yourself, but some things occurred that were too much for the crew. Even I was surprised to hear, and see what was recorded. I’ve watched a multitude of paranormal programming in my life, and some of the intelligence behind what they captured, I’ve never viewed before.

I highly recommend paying attention during this special!

in closing

I’m so glad this is their last time investigating the Goldfield Hotel, for the sake of their mental and physical states. I felt like a worried parent watching them – even though I’m younger than they are. However, I’ve noticed a certain calmness to their approach. They did provoke once, but that’s very tame compared to the earlier seasons – which, frankly, I’m glad about! Don’t poke the bear, or in this case, the spirit!

It’s been so long since I got to watch Ghost Adventures, and I’m grateful I got this opportunity to watch this special, and talk about it with you! You can watch this special, and other paranormal programming on Discovery+!

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