Ghosts On the Balcony Haunts Metro Detroit

Oct 2, 2022

October has arrived and the spirits are here. One of Metro Detroit’s classic theatres dating back to the 1920s is getting a little spookier this month.

The Birmingham 8 theater has become a haunted attraction called Ghosts on the Balcony. Theatre owner Emagine Entertainment and live entertainment company Bluewater are hosting the event. The various areas of the theater will transform for this harrowing experience. Adventurous souls will be able to enter for a frightful 60-minute tour of the attraction. A more family-friendly experience will also be available that will last 30 minutes. The historic theater will not be showing any films during October but will instead host a haunted experience.

Marquee of Birmingham 8 Theater on Media Preview night for Ghosts on the Balcony
Marquee of Birmingham 8 Theater

We were able to tour Ghosts on the Balcony and found it to be quite fearful. The classic motif exterior lead to the restored Victorian-era feeling on the inside as you enter. You definitely feel the eerie feeling as soon as you walk around the main areas before you enter. When you get into the experience itself, you will be brought into a theatrical experience. We were brought to the main amphitheater upstairs where the story is laid down. Then we were brought down to the ground floor where the frights began. Guests are led into the theaters and guided along a spooky experience that will test your resolve. Overall, the experience was frightful due to the environment and the excellent performances from the entertainers.

Ribbon Cutting/Slashing for Ghosts on the Balcony with James Jude Courtney (Michael Myers in Halloween franchise).
Ribbon Cutting of Ghosts on the Balcony, including Emagine CEO Anthony LaVarde, Owner & Chairman Paul Glantz, and James Jude Courtney (Michael Myers in Halloween franchise)

Ghosts on the Balcony will be going on daily now through October 31st. The 30 minute family-friendly (ages 5-12) experiences are Friday thru Sunday from 2-5PM. The 60 minute adult experiences are Sunday-Thursday from 7-10PM and Friday-Saturday from 7PM-1AM. The tickets run $20 for the family-friendly experience and $30 for the adult experience and are available on Emagine’s website.

Many thanks to Dawn Kelley and Expand Marketing Group for all their help.

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