Gideon Falls #4 Review

Jun 19, 2018

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Gideon Falls #4
Image Comics 

Written By: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Andrea Sorrentino
Colors By: Dave Stewart
Lettered By: Steve Wands

I am really enjoying how crazy Gideon Falls is. Jeff Lemire continues on bringing us more of the weird and mystery as Father Fred tries to just get settled into the town. Father Fred meets a doctor in the town and digs more into some of the mysteries of the black barn that he believes he saw, while also trying to piece together on why Father Tom would commit murder. Mostly what we get though is information about a group that tries to defend the town from the evil of the black barn. This was interesting as with Father Fred being a man of faith, he takes little consideration about the whole forces of evil talk from the doctor and decides to leave.

I do find it odd that a man who believes in a higher being and the existence of a heaven and hell that he can’t find himself believing that some force of evil is in this town after witnessing what he has so far. With no real reason to hallucinate something as obscure as some random barn, to me, he should take some consideration that something odd is happening. This, however, could be due to his own personal dilemmas and maybe he’s questioning his own faith. On the other side of the story, we’re seeing how Dr. Xu is coming to terms on believing this phenomenon herself as she goes and discusses it with her patient Norton. Even though we haven’t gotten to a point where how these two stories are connected together, it’s still keeping you wanting to know more because of how both sides are experiencing this dark force that is haunting them now.

The art from Sorrentino and Stewart here are great as it always gives us a feeling of dreadfulness and leaves you a bit uncomfortable in the situations, especially when things go a bit dark. There’s a fantastic silhouette piece drawn in one of the pages and is a fantastic image of Dr. Xu and Norton with a dark omen that looms over them. I’m enjoying so much on how we’re learning a bit more and more on our characters in this series and they really grow on you as you want them to find out what is really going on here and hope they come out alive from it. Gideon Falls is a thrilling story even though it still feels like it’s only getting started.