Gideon Falls #5 Review

Jul 19, 2018

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Gideon Falls #5
Image Comics

Words By: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Andrea Sorrentino
Letter By: Dave Stewart

This issue continues from where it was previously left off and it doesn’t skip a beat. The most impressive aspect of Gideon Falls has been that each issue has kept up the suspense, revealed everything so cleanly, and has no holes in the plot.

The words and art of both Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino creates mind-bending story, where you know how evil the Black Barn is but won’t reveal how sinister it is. They force you to go along and learn about it through the eyes of Father Fred and Norton. They are is perfect in this issue and it gives you the sense of dread throughout the plot, leading up to the cliffhanger.

The pacing of the issue is fantastic as we get revelations and start to see how Norton and Father Fred are intertwined with each other and the Black Barn. The issue brings in new elements of horror that doesn’t overwhelm the story but enhances it.

The only major drag about this issue is that it might end up giving us obvious answers of where Norton comes from and how he is related to Gideon Falls. Hopefully, this was a misdirection for the story to really enhance the lack of knowledge the people involved are in.

Gideon Falls #5 is a good set up for Issue #6. The feeling of dread from the Black Barn that you get from reading the issue is awesome, and I hope it transfers to the next issue and frightens us some more.