Gifts For Geeks

Dec 11, 2013

Gifts for Geeks 

The holiday season is finally here and that familiar question has befallen the spouses of geeks everywhere, “What do I get my geeky husband or wife whom has everything?”  Luckily for you the Geeks with Wives are here to help.  I will try to over a variety of affordable, unique and varying items that will make any nerd squeal with glee Christmas morning.  No matter your nerdy preference whether it be cosplay, video games, comics or movies, we’ve got you covered.


Video Games

Wii U. Zelda Bundle


The next generation is officially here but if you are a wayward shopper going store to store looking for the new Playstation 4 or Xbox One, good luck.  These must have items will be almost non-existent at your local retailer.  Good thing there is an alternative almost any gamer would be happy with. The Wii U will be easy to find and less expensive than the newer hardware and with Games like Zelda Wind Waker HD and Mario 3D Land this console has just as much to offer.


Head Crab Plush


If you or your spouse plays video games then I am sure anything from Valve will peak interest.  Unfortunately we haven’t seen the one thing we all that we would be getting this year a Half Life 3.  So for the diehard Valve fan, whom was disappointed by the lack of Half Life this year, give them something thought only possible through inter-dimensional travel. Their very own Head Crab.


The Wolf Among Us


Is your spouse one of those geeks whom is into a little of everything (Comics, Games, Fantasy)?  Then The Wolf Among Us by Telltale is sure to satiate their appetite.  This beautiful, story driven action adventure game based on Vertigo Comics Fables delivers on so many levels.  An episodic adventure that will pay off long after the Christmas glow has faded The Wolf Among Us with captive geeks and non-geeks alike with its dramatic, gritty take on the fairy tale genre.


Comic Books/Superheroes

Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collectioncap_am_win_ult


Shopping for comics can be a daunting task even for experts.  There are so many titles, characters, and storylines that it can be often hard to tell what’s worth a purchase.  Captain America: Winter Soldier is a must have for any comic fan and worth the read even if you’re not one. Collecting the issues 1-9 and 11-14 this beautifully mastered story by Ed Brubaker can’t be missed and with the Captain America 2 movie borrowing many of the elements from this book, you and your comic spouse will be ahead of the game.




Marvel Minimates in this writer’s opinion are the best stocking stuffers a nerd can ask for.  These adorable, Lego like renditions of our favorite superheroes are artfully crafted with accessories to match.  They come in a wide variety of different characters from different genres including Marvel, The Walking Dead, and Street Fighter.  Minimates are a great entry level collectible being that they are relatively easy to find and inexpensive.


Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One (10-Disc set)Marvel_Cinematic_Universe_Phase_One_Box_Set_Brings_Home_The_Tesseract_1342105726


Nothing has increased the popularity of comic books more than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  This 10-Disc Blu-ray set collects all of the movies from Phase One (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers).  This massive collection is a treasure trove of Marvel goodness and is a must own for any fan of the movies.  You even get your very own Tesseract.



Worbla ThermoplasticWORB1[0]


Thermoplastic is the latest craze in Cosplay.  Its relatively easy to use and can be manipulated in a variety of ways.  Described as a Cosplayers dream Worbla can be cut, heat shaped, sanded, painted, molded, and sculpted.  It can be used for creating weapons, armor, masks and props.  Every Cosplayer from beginner to expert should always have some Worbla on hand.



$50-$100 (Gift Certifate)Fabric_Rainbow_Colors

Fabric is the life blood of any Cosplayer.  Almost every cosplay will have some element that requires the use of some type of fabric.  These means that it often becomes a Cosplayers most costly but consumed item.  So the best way you can help out your Cosplaying spouse is by setting them up with a nice cache of Fabric so when the next Cosplay idea comes a calling they can be ready.


Cosplay Everyday


If your husband or wife is anything like me than they wish they could Cosplay every day.  Luckily for us Marvel, DC and even My Little Pony offer a wide variety of clothing that mimics the Cosplay experience with a more public appeal.  A plethora of t-shirts and hoodies based on the costumes of our favorite heroes can be dawned in a more casual setting for all to enjoy.  These fashionable works of Art can have you walking the streets in no time as Wolverine, Magneto, Deadpool, Batman, The Flash and many more.



Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Jon Snow and Ghost StatueJon Snow


Game of Thrones is quickly becoming a mainstream success and this means every geek, nerd, collector and cynosure is going to want to display their passion for the series.  There is no better way to do this than will one of Dark Horses beautiful statues.  Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios these limited edition, officially licensed statues are a beautiful and a worthy addition to anyone’s mantel or desk.


Pacific Rim (Blu-Ray)Pacific Rim


If there are two things any geek loves its giant robots and massive monster that fight them.  Pacific Rim offers both is glorious detail.  Director Guillermo Del Torro creates a dystopian future where Monsters rise from the ocean and level cities.  In order to stop them humanity must create a new weapon just as monstrous.  Although this movie won’t be winning any Oscars it’s a downright geekfest of epic proportions.


Comic/Movie inspired framed art


Nothing turns a house into a home for a geek like a little personalized decor.  There is a way to display their favorite character, scene or original piece without being overbearing or gaudy.  I recommend a framed fine art picture inspired by their favorite Comics, TV, or Movie.  A nice piece of art can enhance the beauty of any room and show everyone who enters your true geeky nature.  They can also be nice items to pass down to your little geeks someday.


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