Gina Carano Plays A Morlock In ‘DEADPOOL’; Will She Join ‘GAMBIT’?

Feb 13, 2015


Hollywood Reporter says that MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano (Haywire, Fast 6) has closed a deal to join the cast of Fox’s Deadpool. The X-Men spin-off directed by Tim Miller focuses on the titular insane mutant mercenary who is being played by Ryan Reynolds. T.J. Miller is also confirmed for the comedic relief of the film but his role isn’t being named.

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It’s said Gina will be playing Angel Dust one of the Morlocks, a group of underground mutants. My assumption being she’ll be a brawler mutant in the film. I would have put her in the role of Domino but that’s just me and there might be reason why she’s playing a Morlock in the film.

Morlocks have direct ties to Gambit‘s origin so it’s possible that the role could crossover into that film as well, it doesn’t hurt that Gina and Channing Tatum co-starred in Haywire. Gambit is expected to begin production later this year. The Morlocks are massacred by Gambit’s Marauders which is ordered by Mister Sinister to cleanse the less powerful mutants.

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You might remember that there was a bit of a fan campaign to see the actress play Wonder Woman. Having Gina playing a new franchise role sounds about right since we’re lacking badass ladies in the films.

Another thing they reveal is that they’re looking to include Colossus in the film, this might mean recasting the role but don’t fan-freakout you can’t blame the studio wanting a real actor playing the character.

The X-Men member had been included in the original script but since the setting of the film might be pre-X-Men it could mean that Daniel Cudmore won’t be getting a call. The site is playing-up the Russian aspect so a new younger actor with range might be required. Unless they’re planning on rebooting the character entirely to incorporate his Russian origins.

This isn’t the only female role as actresses were named for another unnamed role in the film which may or may be Copycat/Domino or both. They include Morena Baccarin, Taylor Schilling, Crystal Weed, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Jessica De Gouw, and Sarah Greene

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Deadpool is still casting roles and is just in pre-production at this point but it’s release date is still set for February 12th, 2016.



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