Girl From ‘Logan’ Set Photos Identified As Actress Dafne Keen

Oct 11, 2016


We reported yesterday that the role of X-23 aka Laura Kinney in Logan might be played by Sienna Novikov, which was backed up by a report from The Wrap moments afterwards.

The Wrap, named Sienna for the role of Laura and seemed to be confident by mentioning multiple sources.

Three actresses are playing young mutants in the film they include Sienna, Jaden Francis and Dafne Keen. Officially, none of their roles in the film haven’t been announced and weren’t confirmed as cast members by Fox.

Mangold could have hired the three girls to play young mutants as a way to keep the casting of Laura a bit of a shell-game.

Only one of these three young actresses in the film have been spotted where cameras were able to snap photos. Let’s also remember there are very limited amount of set photos from the film to begin with, we have no idea what either Sienna or Jaden’s scenes looked like.

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This little girl obviously isn’t Sienna, as we pointed out in our original article.

She actually happens to be Dafne Keen as spotted by X-Men Saga.

This could be a case of Dafne’s scenes being the only one caught by photographers.

There’s also the issue of potential spoilers caught from these set photos that might suggest she’s actually not Laura. A couple things in the set photos seem to suggest she doesn’t have a healing factor.

Currently, the only information supporting that Dafne is X-23 is that she was photographed on set, while a majority of the cast has not.

It should be noted, that Sienna’s background in fencing and gymnastics could mean she’s a stunt double as we pointed out originally. Another angle might be that she was actually chosen to play Laura due to those abilities for on-camera stunt work in character.

As far as we know, this version of Laura might be only played once by this actress.

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At the moment, we’re going with the idea Sienna is playing Laura and Dafne just happened to have her scene on display for cameras. That’s until we get official word from either Fox of James Mangold.


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