Good Night, Knight (Preview)

Feb 16, 2021


Good Night, Knight cover image

Good Night, Knight

Produced by: No Gravity Games

Early Access: February 16, 2021

The end is nigh, or is it? Indeed, this pixelated, randomized, dungeon crawl is built for those with fast fingers and quick wits. Luckily, I had my family handy to help me out through the mystery and monster mayhem. Out today for Early Access, Good Night, Knight will be one of those things that makes you go hmm.

“…usually meant “good night, knight” for me.”

You awaken somewhere on the verge of death with a monster horde around the next corner. Therefore, your only escape is to fall. A wizard thrusts a quest upon you, and the adventure begins. Above all, the dry humor grabbed me from the beginning and had me wanting to play more. One or two players are invited to this traditional dungeon crawl.

I found the gameplay quite challenging. The controls were difficult to learn with mouse and keyboard, which left me reverting to using a controller. I can see myself eventually getting the keyboard and mouse to do what I want but felt the controller was simply the easier option for me.

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“…retro kick with a modern wit.”

It’s not puzzle heavy, but there are definitely some fun mind games to keep you stumped for a bit along the way. Hints litter the floor; so, be sure to keep your eyes open. Speaking of eyes, sneaking past eyes built in the floor is easy if you are stealthy enough. The monster mayhem usually meant “good night, knight” for me.

The random dungeons gave me a reason to love to hate this game. You are always left guessing how the dungeon will look after you leave and come back either from rest or death. I haven’t found as many drops as I need but feel that is really on me more than the game. It tells you which foes will drop the most swag and how to grab them. I just couldn’t figure out how to actually make that happen… yet!

The art is reminiscent of an 8-bit game with more of a flair. ‘Good Night, Knight’s’ pixelated walls and perfectly rendered skulls give an ambience of quirky mystery that when mixed with a classic feel in music style gives this game a retro kick with a modern wit. I will definitely be going back to this game and truly look forward to where the game will go through Early Access.

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