Goof #1 Review (New Worlds Comics)

Goof #1 (New Worlds Comics)

Writer: Guy Hasson

Artist: Guillermo Ramirez

Goof  pic

So recently I was in a mood for a comic, but not just a regular comic something that would make me laugh and maybe even get me to snort a little. Just gazing at the Cover Page to New Worlds Comics Goof brought a smirk to my face. I mean, really when have you ever seen a Superhero do a face plant. So I decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you from the first moment you meet Captain Gorgeous you will have a permanent smile on your face to the very end. Writer Guy Hasson puts our hero in situations that are so ridiculous and out of left field it’s sometimes hard to believe for the characters and readers alike. That is why he has a PR guy.

Yes that’s right a Superhero with a public relations man to get him out of trouble or sometimes get him into even more trouble. He gets his powers from aliens whom visited Earth. They gave him one year to prove that he is a worthy candidate to hold these abilities and use them for good. At the rate he is going The Captain will be lucky to make it for a Month.

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Now don’t get me wrong he also has saved Earth more than a dozen times, but I don’t think anyone cares. Not even the News who is more interested in his shenanigans than his heroics. They rather show the embarrassing non-sense The Captain got into on any given day.

The art in this comic is a perfect fit for this book. To me Guillermo Ramirez really knows how to bring out the goofiness of our hero and also his town. Now this might look like a kid’s comic but it is far from it. I recommend this comic to anyone out there looking for a fun and hilarious adventure. Please be aware it is adult humor so you might want to keep the young children away from this.  I hope you go out and buy this comic and let your inner Goof out!

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