Google is opening the gates for online gambling advertising in US

Dec 23, 2019

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According to a recent EGR report, Google is preparing to lift the ban for online casino advertising in US, as soon as early 2020. Currently, advertisers are barred from promoting any gambling-related content in the search engine, the only exception being the lottery, which is owned by the state. While some people consider these changes completely unethical, Google has a fair amount of reasons to lift these restrictions, especially because the gambling market has grown exponentially in just a few years and the ways to generate traffic towards the online casinos are limited.

This decision is part of a great operation of Alphabet Inc. to better align their advertising policies. Google Industry Head of Financial Trading and eGaming Chris Harrison denies any allegations that they are planning to become a casino games provider. Their intention is to adapt to the fast-changing environment of the online gambling industry, so that both the casino owners and players can have the best possible outcome.

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Harrison states that Google’s decision to allow the gambling industry to advertise in the search engine shouldn’t be seen as “black and white” and that the tech giant’s decision to allow online casinos to advertise is based on the general opinion and acceptance towards gambling and addiction, meaning they will always take into consideration the customer’s concerns towards unfair advertising. 

All the ethics problems that might occur from this business decision will be kept under control, meaning that the eGaming licensing institutions will come with legislation that complies with the US government’s requests. The most important thing is to educate people about gambling and the possible addiction it could cause, especially among younger people. The best way to achieve this goal is by reading specialty forums and blogs with recommendations and information that can help you get the best possible outcome from the slots. 


As you might know, Google receives billions of searches every day, which makes search engine marketing a high priority for many businesses. Starting next year, online casino operators in US can take advantage of tools such as Google and Youtube Ads and harness the power of customer data to improve their marketing performance and advertise the exact type of games that a player enjoys most. We will see a serious increase in their revenue after a long-term prohibition. 

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Rumors say that the next big thing for online casinos is VR support which could forever revolutionize the way we gamble. This could be another important reason why Google is opening the gates to advertising freedom for US-based platforms. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to immerse in the fantasy realm of VR slots and feel like they are part of the game? For sure, most of us are curious to find out how these regulation changes are going to influence the industry and what new solutions have the gambling providers prepared for the year 2020.

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