Green Lanterns #25 Review

Green Lanterns #25
DC Comics

Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Robson Rocha
Inks by: Daniel Henriques
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Colors by: Alex Sollazo

Simon Baz takes a moment to write to a friend who he’s drifted away from since becoming a Green Lantern. At the edge of the known universe, three travelers make their way to the Vault of Shadows. Rami, Simon and Jessica have made their way to the location for what they think is a mission to discover a way to reactivate the Power Rings ability to find a new host. As the new Lanterns learn about the ancient vault, they are set upon by the vault’s keeper, who seems to know who they are and that there is something wrong with Rami, forcing the guardian to stun the keeper in place.

As Rami disappears, Simon and Jessica contemplate who the keeper is and how he seems to know them. The story of the keeper Tyran’r of Tamaran unfolds as Volthoom, possessing the body of Rami, makes his way deeper into the Vault of Shadows. As Simon and Jessica lament about how much they miss Earth, Volthoom reveals himself to the Lanterns. As Jessica and Simon battle the First Lantern, he uses the power of the first ring to devastate Simon and turns his attention on Jessica because she has something he desperately needs.

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This issue is really exciting in both the reveals and back story of previous lanterns. Humphries has given some interesting depth to the characters and it’s interesting to see how Simon and Jessica need each other. Volthoom as an adversary is well done as well. His motivations are interesting to see unfold. The artwork by Rocha is great. I loved both the action and quiet moments and that last page blew me away visually. It’s going to be interesting to see where this story goes next.

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