Grimm Fairy Tales: Road to #100

Jul 12, 2014

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GFT99_cover-B (416x640)It was spring 2010 when a bloody werewolf on the cover of Grimm Fairy Tales volume one caught my eye. As a huge fan of the Grimm’s collection, especially Little Red Riding Hood, there was no way I could pass it up. Now, as we celebrate the release of issue #100 on July 16th, I think about just how far these stories have come.

In the beginning there were your fairy tales, and there was Sela – a mysterious college professor using them to guide humans in making tough decisions. Through the years, however, the lines between GFT_GiantSize_2014_page-6 (416x640)storybook and reality have blurred while Sela evolved into full-blown butt-kicking superhero. Hero, and villain alike have taken on different roles, and then we had the formation of the Realm Knights to protect humans from the evil slipping out of all four worlds. Everything now hangs in the balance, and on Sela’s shoulders, for issue 100.

While¬†Zenescope has not actually stuck with the Grimm brother’s collection of tales, as the name suggest, I find it even more exciting to see their unique take on many legends and myths. The artwork is still as boobalicious as ever, with females taking on many of the formerly male roles, but the costuming has evolved into something more practical for most characters. I’m really fond of the fact that these women are sexy and strong – no more damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by men.

GFT99_page (416x640)If you are a new reader, I must warn you to not skip around, you have a lot of reading to do to fully enjoy this story. In the past I thought this was a comic I could skip around in, with each fairy tale being a stand alone issue, and I got myself very lost. In order to understand most of the Age of Darkness references, especially Realms Fall, I had to do a lot of backtracking. I’ve learned my lesson, however, and actually plan to re-read every issue from 1 to 100, because this story is definitely worth it.

Editors Note: This is a comprehensive look at Grimm Fairy Tales and the issues leading to it’s historic 100th issue. This piece by Piper mainly focuses on the following issues: GFT 2014 Annual, GFT: Realm of Knights Age of Darkness One-shot, GFT: Giant Sized Edition and GFT #99. Story’s by: Jos Brusha, Ralph Tedesco and Pat Shand. Art by: Joel Ojeda, Rolando Di Sessa, and Marco Loreznana¬†

*Editorial by: Piper