Growing Up and Moving on in “Superman: America Alien” #6 (REVIEW)

Apr 22, 2016


SMAA-Cv6-ds-45e70Superman: American Alien #6
DC Comics

Written by: Max Landis
Art by: Jonathan Case

It’s a bird! It’s s plane! No.. it’s just a plane.

Clark’s friends from Smallville have finally come to visit him in the big city. The gang reconnects but realizes they’ve changed since the old days. We meet Jimmy Olsen for the first time and Clark encounters the Green Lanterns in a humors and awkward moment. I’m not 100% sure how to summarize this issue but I highly suggest reading it. Its a beautiful story about growing up, and friends growing apart.

Normally I feel the need to start by talking about the writer but the art in this issue blew me away. SMAA-6-2-52232Jonathan Case is on a next level as an artist right now and I can’t believe I’ve been missing it. Case also colored this issue and again he did an incredible job. The colors were perfectly chosen to create such a beautiful version of Metropolis. I can’t put into words how unbelievably happy just being able to see this art made me. On the other side though Max Landis again wrote a wonderful issue that helps solidify this as my favorite iteration of Superman. Landis in my opinion is great at writing and knowing these characters. He can get to the core of a character and really bring that forward giving the audience something solid to hold onto. I think he succeeds at this in American Alien giving us a great look at who Clark Kent really is.

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DC should’ve announced Landis either taking over a title or another mini series for Rebirth. American Alien is incredible, easily one of the best series the publisher is releasing. All in all I love the universe that’s been created in these 6 issues and I want nothing more than to see it expanded. The series has made Clark feel like a relatable character for me. I can’t recommend this series enough so go give it a shot.

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