Nov 18, 2021

Mad Cave Studios


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Gun Honey #3 picks up exactly where you would expect, with the lovely Miss Tan in hot water. After her successful last mission (yes, it did not work out the way it should have, but she did finish the assignment the client contracted her for) Joanna is back in front of the hard-as-nails self-proclaimed iron-maiden of the government. Yes, that lovely lady that looks like someone’s granny but probably isn’t.


Written by: Charles Ardai
Art by: Ang Hor Kheng
Colors by: Asifur Rahman
Letters by: David leach


As mentioned above Joanna is in hot water. A lot of people dead, a prison break, and a prisoner no one can identify except for the scarring over his body. Miss Tan and Agent Barrow are tasked with finding the escaped convict and stoping more senseless murders. Luckily Joanna is no stranger to finding stuff that does not want to be found. Agent Barrow is in for one bumpy ride as Joanna does not make it easy for the poor agent. This issue has typical cops and robbers feel to it. Tie in some exceptional detective work and the luck that one Miss Tan has and by the end of the book they are face to face with the escapee. But hold your breath, the reveal at the end changes everything that we have learned so far. A major reveal that throws in a whole new set of complications.


The art stays true to the story and what we have come to expect so far throughout the series. The consistency of getting the expressions right is still on point. The colors are dark in the panels that have a heavier atmosphere. The team-up between Ang Hor Kheng and Asifur Rahman is perfectly fitted to this book. I for one will continue to praise the brilliance of the work.

Final Verdict about Gun Honey #3

As the series is drawing to a conclusion, I can’t help but feel I need more. With only a four-issue run, is this enough to explore the absolutely fascinating world of Gun Honey? I get it always leave them wanting more, but with one issue remaining is it going to feel rushed in the end? Joanna Tan is a brilliant complex original character and that is something few and far between. The pacing of the series so far is brilliant and it keeps giving enough so that you still end up coming back, contemplating the events that might unfold in the next issue. I believe we can all do with more original characters like Miss Tan.



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