Gunslinger Spawn #4: Image Comics Review

Jan 26, 2022

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Gunslinger Spawn #4 main cover

Best issue of the series to this point, hands down. This is the first issue of Gunslinger Spawn in which Brett Booth’s art didn’t drive the story, as much as his work was as impressive as always. Some major details are revealed in Gunslinger Spawn #4.

Gunslinger Spawn #4
Image Comics
Written by: Todd McFarlane
Pencils by: Brett Booth
Inks by: Daniel Henriques, Adelso Corona, Sal Regla, Jonathan Glapion and Todd McFarlane
Colors by: Andrew Dalhouse & Ivan Nunes
Letters by: Tom Orzechowski

Now, to be clear, there’s not a whole lot of movement in terms of setting this issue. Everything takes place in pretty much one space, as has been the case throughout Gunslinger Spawn. That’s been a non-issue for me because there’s always a lot going on with Booth’s art. There’s never a dull moment, and his action sequences are insane.

But with Gunslinger Spawn #4, The Clown sets the table for what’s to come with what’s to come. We get the full update on The Clown and his new look, which we first saw in his Gunslinger Spawn #3 appearance. Surprise, surprise, he has plans for this Spawn. The Clown also has a rather interesting opinion of Gunslinger Spawn. There’s also an image we see from Gunslinger’s past that had me asking questions.

And on top of the impact The Clown will have on this title, some of the developments from this issue indicate he could mess with The Scorched, as well. One has to think King Spawn could be in play, too.

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