GWW Capes Crew 113: Go Go Power Rangers!

Lets see what kind of trouble the gang can stir up tonight. Will and Casey are back on together with Adam and Jay. Its just the guys tonight, so we will get right into our “Week in Geek” and talk Darth Vader, Paybacks #2, Interceptor from Heavy Metal, Justice League #45, Uncanny InHumans, Brides of Hellhiem, Invincible, East of West, Amazing Spider-Man and so much more.

The crew then dives into the Star Wars trailer, as Will, Adam and Casey gush over the J.J. Abrams-ness of the film, Jay explains his compelete and total dedication to avoiding all things The Force Awakens, and you will be impressed. Lastly we discuss The Power Rangers film and Casey gives an awesome and detailed movie pitch for the upcoming Legendary Picture.

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Parlipod # 144: And here's the Punchline folks!

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