Gynoug Nintendo Switch (Review)

Nov 11, 2021

Gynoug (Review)
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Published by: Ratalaika Games

Developed by: Masaya Games

In Gynoug you play as the last bastion to save the world, you must battle H.R. Giger like demons traversing grueling levels. From developer Masaya Games, they bring their classic game Gynoug, known in the US as Wings of Wor, to the next-gen systems. 

Game Play

Gynoug is your standard scrolling shooter with a lot of influence from Swiss artist H.R. Giger. By using his gruesomely horrific visuals, the game carries that apocalyptic setting. 

Your two weapons are upgradable with power-ups you pick up throughout the levels. The power-ups change your special weapon or your blaster. With the power-ups, you can alter what combination is best to beat the level. 

The difficulty is the main draw to this game. Playing without using the rewind button is near damn impossible. The amount of items that can kill you is total anarchy. Random background item, nope, that’s an enemy, and you are dead. The frustration with this is easily satisfied with the rewind button and cheat option. 

The one surprise was the secret cheat menu. The GameShark option gives the game the needed edge to counter that harsh difficulty. Now players can enjoy the gruesome horrors that are littered throughout the levels. 

Overall Thoughts on Gynoug

Wings of Wor or Gynoug is an enjoyable game to occupy your time. The playability is dependable upon how many challenges you give yourself. Being able to set this pace allows for those to input their own investment level. My challenge was beating it with unlimited credits and invincibility. 

The hidden jewel is how much the demons look like H.R. Giger creations. The bosses look like they were taken directly from one of his pieces. With many styles to use, his was a great representation of hellish ghouls. 

It doesn’t hide what it is but allows players to set their own challenge, with many older games coming back into the fold, and it is great to see some give players a chance to enjoy the game at their own comfort level. By not aiming for that elitist class of being superior at complex games, Masaya opened its beauty to a broader audience. 

Score 8.5

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