It’s Hammer Time in “Big Man Plans #2” Review

Apr 7, 2015


BP CovBig Man Plans #2
Image Comics

Written by: Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch
Art by: Eric Powell

Big Man Plans #2 by Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch continues Big Man’s bloody trail of vengeance and this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew. He remains undaunted though as he seeks out every scumbag that did him wrong. It’s a violent  revenge fantasy with the baddest little m-effer you’ve ever seen.

Powell and Wiesch have conjured up a brutal story of payback that really shines mostly because of their leading man. The dwarf is not your typical protagonist outside of fantasy comics, but that’s what makes Big Man Plans so unique and ham

Big Man is really a metaphor for the underdog in all us. If you’ve ever been bullied, underestimated, disparaged, overlooked, passed over, ridiculed, abused or beaten then you can relate to Big Man on some level. Sure, we may not have knee-capped a guy with a drywall hammer but we may have thought about it. It’s this fundamental desire to see justice served whatever way possible to those who put us down. It’s not just Big Man’s revenge fantasy but ours as well.

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Big Man’s motivation and drive hearken back to the things his dad used to tell him. He told him that life is not fair BigManPlans02-CoverB-8bdf6and others will put you down to make themselves feel superior. Don’t let yourself be pushed without pushing back. Never give up! The Big Man takes it to heart even in the most difficult situations. So much so that when things go wrong and he basically becomes  a human pinata his spirit will never be broken.

Powell’s artistic style is pulpy and noire in its approach. It’s a wonderful exploitation film in print with unflinching violence and action with panels that are gratuitous but riveting all at the same time. You can’t take your eyes off Big Man especially.

Big Man Plans is a gem of a miniseries that doesn’t pull any punches and has you rooting for the pissed off dwarf with the drywall hammer.

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