Happy Halloween 2011!

Oct 31, 2011

It’s our favorite day here at GWW. Josh puts us all to shame every year with his super-creative costumes. This year he’s a giant panda. While Matt wears the traditional Chun-Li dress costume from Street Fighter II. I typically am Mr. Lame – I just like to hand out candy. The wife and I are putting our dog through hell, nearly literally – check it out:

Anyway, regarding gaming, nothing says Happy Halloween better than a scary game. What makes this year different from others is the availability of the Dead Space series. Whether it’s the iOS version for $5 or any of the console versions for under $30, gory thrills can be had at bargain prices. The fall weather makes this series even more enjoyable making this series our pick for where you should spend your money gaming this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled next week for my review of Dead Space 2.

Have a happy Halloween and keep sending in your pumpkin pictures!