Hardbody #1 Review

Mar 8, 2019

Mad Cave Studios


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Hardbody #1

Written by: Fred Schwartz
Pencils by: Savy Lim
Inks by: Victor Moya
Colors by: Martin Hernandez Tena
Letters by: Adam Wollet

‘Hardbody’ is a new horror comic that as elements of genre giant Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstien’, while sharing components of the cult classic film ‘Framkenhooker’, and through and through showcasing a style that is all Schwartz’s own. Every week I seek out new comics in this genre specifically. I’m so pleased I was able to come across this one.

It’s about a Doctor with major body image issues. He’s obsessed with looking like the bodybuilders at his gym. People quite literally pay in blood for bodies like these in this place. Dr. Mitral takes that idea to a whole new level. Building the perfect body will take time, effort, and patience, just not the kind that the good Doctor has in mind.

if you’re a fan of the unique and off the wall horror classics or modern I strongly recommend ‘Hardbody’. The main character has the perfect creep factor. His bad genes aren’t going to stop him from getting the perfect body. He’ll just make one. The art in this comic is fantastic. Creepy as hell with a touch of humor. It’s exactly what the story needs. Very much plays into the story ideally. I’ll be reading issue #2!