Harley Quinn 02X04 “Thawing Hearts” (Review)

Apr 24, 2020


Harley Quinn
DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 4 “Thawing Hearts”

After the success of getting Firefly’s gun, Harley and her gang can now infiltrate Mr. Freeze’s fortress. When they get inside all hell is frozen over for them as Harley faces some deep truths about her views on love and romance. Ivy and Kite Man try and secure their ideal wedding location. 

Thawing Hearts explores more of Harly’s twisted view on love and romance with her interactions with Mr. Freeze. Harley’s state of denial that love is anything but an abstract thought warps her perception of the love between Mr. Freeze and his wife Nora. This is counteracted when we see Ivy and Kite Man try and secure the hottest venue in New Gotham. 

This season seems to have a theme of coming to terms with oneself. In the last few episodes we have seen different members have a self awakening of who they truly are. Ivy figuring out a balance of how to manage her priorities and Dr. Psycho no longer being a main villain but a sidekick. 

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We still get the vulgar jokes and slapstick humor that are standards, but DC has silently been bringing deeper emotional connections to the characters. This episode brings it more to the forefront as they tackle Harley’s views on love. Thawing Hearts is not on par with Heart of Ice from the Batman the Animated Series, but it does give Mr. Freeze a different voice then we are used to.

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