Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 1 “New Gotham” (Review)

A Safe but Solid Return to the Rag-Tag Team we all know and love.

When DC Universe debuted “The Harley Quinn Show” in 2019, no one knew what to expect. Would it reach the heights of “Young Justice” or would it stoop to new lows like “Titans?” Thankfully, not only did “Harley Quinn” reach the heights of “Young Justice”, it exceeded them with one of the most zany, hilarious and greatest animated TV Shows ever made.

Dare we say, just as good as “Justice League Unlimited”?

That’s not an overstatement, that’s just how fantastic this show is. So it’s a good thing to report that the Season 2 premiere keeps the momentum going as the show shifts into a Season without Batman, Gotham in ruins and it’s every villain for themselves. Even though “New Gotham” is short on the belly bursting laughs, it’s a solid episode that does exactly what it’s supposed to; reintroduce the viewers to the amazing characters we’ve missed for the past 3 months.

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Welcome Back Everyone

“New Gotham” picks up right were the Season 1 Finale left off; Joker is defeated, Batman is missing and every villain wants their piece of the action. This includes Harley Quinn. Unfortunately in typical Harley fashion, she does not take the opportunity seriously and has allowed Gotham to be divided by several Batman villains. Of course, Harley isn’t going to sit back and let them take all of her glory. So it’s up to Harley to get the gang back in action and take back what is theirs.

There’s basically nothing more to this episode than that. “New Gotham” is a safe episode whose sole purpose is to reintroduce everyone and to get the plot rolling again. Now that’s not a slight against this show. It’s still gorgeously animated and superbly well acted, though we expect nothing different at this point. If there is any negatives at all, it would be the lack of gut-busting laughs; though Sal does have one amazing war story to tell.

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*Side note: Don’t expect plot armor to save your favorite villains in this show. Everyone is fair game.

Final Verdict

“New Gotham” is the definition of a safe and familiar episode; serving only to kick off Season 2. Again, that’s not a slight against the show because the material (even at its safest) is some of the best animated material on the planet. If only there was 1 or 2 more hilarious moments, the safeness could have been fully forgiven. But we have a good feeling that they are saving all the good stuff for later episodes. We for one, couldn’t be more excited for what comes next.

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