He has the Power: He-Man and Thundercats #2 (Review)

Nov 16, 2016

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hmtc-cv02He-Man/Thundercats #2
DC Comics

Written by: Rob David and Lloyd Goldine
Art by: Freddie E. Williams II

Storied battles and story building. Issue #2 contains a satisfying battle and some much needed narrative. After the first issue that was thin on plot, writers Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine slow the story down and provide some meaningful world building to set up the series. A child of the 80’s could be satisfied with just a He-Man and Thundercats mash-up, but here David and Goldfine establish a mythology that ties the two properties together in a way that appears seamless. After the shattering opening of pulling the two planets together in issue one, issue #2 presents villains working together and characters seeming comfortable in each other’s worlds. Other 1980’s properties have been build on nostalgia, but to DC’s credit He-Man and Thundercats is exciting and impactful for anyone familiar with the characters.skel-of-greyskul

In addition to creating a premise that does not seem contrived, the merging of these two properties also works for long time fans. David and Goldfine provide a narrative mythos that explains why Skeletor needs to pair with Mum-Ra. The opening half of the issue provides both context for the crossover and the plot for a number of issues to come.

The second half of the issues is an action packed battle of He-Man villains and Thundercats villains teaming up to take on He-Man. Freddie E. Williams II’s art excels in these battles. Kids who owned these characters’ as toys often engaged in similar imaginary battles, but here Williams’ artwork adds a visceral feel to the battle that plastic toys could never accomplish. Williams’ depiction creates a He-Man that appears physically vulnerable, but filled with power beyond mortals. This power is well beyond mortals as David and Goldfine reveal in the cliffhanger of this issue.

He-Man and Thundercats #2 takes the fun premise of the first issue and creates a world for it to exist in. Readers who were discouraged by the nonstop action of issue #1 will find satisfaction here as the plot is developed. Readers who enjoyed the action of the first issue will find a lot to love in issue #2.

He-Man and Thundercats moves beyond cheesy cartoon action and creates an interesting mythology that has room to grow and develop. The creative team of David, Goldfine, and Williams has created a book true to these characters and deeper than most readers know.

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