He Who Smelt It in “Teen Titans Go!” #19 (Review)

Dec 20, 2016

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Teen Titans Go!: #19
DC Comics

- Precog-Sniffin’
Story by: Paul Morrissey & Heather Nuhfer
Art by: Marcelo Dichiara

- The Herring King
Story by: Ivan Cohen
Art by: Marcelo Dichiara

It should come as no surprise that this series is geared for younger audiences. There is little for an adult to enjoy. However, that shouldn’t stop you from sharing it with your kiddos! Some stories have a moral/theme. Unfortunately, this one does not. It’s simply meant to amuse a child and nothing more.

In “Precog-sniffin’” Beast Boy finds himself with the ability to smell the future. Yes, you read that right! When he gets the unmistakable whiff of the apocalypse, the only way to stop it is to party like it’s 1999!TEEN TITANS GO #19page

In “The Herring King,” Beast Boy finds himself royalty… Almost.

These issues are not serials. They are one-shot, stand-alone stories meant as a quick read to keep short attention spans happy. Marcelo Dichiara art gracefully moves you through the story for a nice flow, which allows the reader to get lost in what’s about to happen instead of trying to find where to look next.

A shortcoming was Paul Morrissey, Heather Nuhfer, & Ivan Cohen’s lack of character and plot development in both stories. The characters learn nothing. The plot is somewhat contrived. But overall, it does its job of entertaining in short bursts. My absolute favorite part was Jeremy Lawson’s cover! I love the insinuation that all of the greatest DC heroes have failed where Beast Boy will succeed.

When I asked my 10-year-old his take on the comic, he said “Um, that was fun but weird… Like in a good way.”

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