Hearth-wrenching and impactful “Uncanny: Season Two #1” – REVIEW

Mar 31, 2015


Uncanny2-01-Cov-A-Jock-31a0cUncanny: Season Two #1
Dynamite Entertainment

Written by: Andy Diggle
Art by: Aaron Campbell
Cover by: Jock & Ben Oliver

Uncanny Season Two #1 is one gritty series that whacks you with emotion from the very beginning. Young Bobby Rowe can attain the knowledge and skills from another person with just a touch. This is his backstory and it shocks and thrills.

UncannySea2-01-1-0c708Without giving away too much, orphaned Bobby gets put in the system and soon realizes his powers and gets misdiagnosed. This leads to being hospitalized which leads to more troubles. It’s a fascinating set of circumstances Andy Diggle puts Bobby through. The first scene is heart-wrenching and later as his powers are misunderstood you can’t help feel for Bobby.

Aaron Campbell’s art has a realistic look that makes Uncanny all the more impactful. The opening scene especially benefits from that style set in 1979, in the car, Bobby looks so small and vulnerable, his fears resonate throughout. The rest of the way Campbell does a great job of efficiently pacing scenes with fluid layouts.

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Uncanny Season Two is off to a great start and definitely deserves a place on your pull list.

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