Heavy Barrel My Arcade Micro Player Review

Jun 2, 2019


My Arcade Micro Player is back with the Data East favorite, Heavy Barrel. How will it tackle that unusual controller for this pint-sized unit?

My Arcade Heavy Barrel » amzn.to/2I8b8qy
My Arcade Karate Champ » amzn.to/2Thc7sv
My Arcade Pac-Man » amzn.to/2AJ186Q
My Arcade BurgerTime » amzn.to/2O9biQ8
My Arcade Dig-Dug » amzn.to/2ADbi8Q
My Arcade Galaga » amzn.to/2AGt1wf
My Arcade Galaxian » amzn.to/2OK2st1
My Arcade Mappy » amzn.to/2vj8MzF
My Arcade Bad Dudes » amzn.to/2viDAAJ


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