Henry Cavill Teases Black Superman Suit In ‘Justice League’; Is This How He Returns?

Aug 16, 2016


By the end of Batman V Superman, you knew it wasn’t the last you’d seen of Superman in the DC Extended Universe. Even at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it wasn’t kept a secret that the Last Son of Krypton would appear in next year’s Justice League movie.

With Henry Cavill confirmed to return as Superman. The British actor took to his Instagram account today, and teased fans with a zoomed in look at the S symbol, on what appeared to be Superman’s black resurrection suit. Similar to the one from the Death and Return of Superman storyline from the comics. In which Supes body is restored by a regeneration chamber in the Fortress of Solitude, before returning to rock a new black suit and long hair.

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Now we don’t know for sure how the Justice League story will play out Superman’s return, but a new rumour has surfaced which may shed light on his resurrection.

Spoilers Ahead









According to Devin Faraci over at Birth Movies Death. Zod’s downed Kryptonian ship plays a big part. He says:

“Remember that goop chamber in the Kryptonian ship that turned Zod into Doomsday? Yup. Deus ex Krypton strikes again!”

Interesting right?

You’ll just need to wait until Justice League hits screens in November 17, 2017 to see if that rumour turns out to be true.


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