Hero Collector Launches Chibi Ghostbuster Merch

Mar 12, 2020


Who ya gonna call?

I’m sorry, it’s mandatory to say that in any Ghostbuster article. It’s an unspoken rule at this point, right? There will always be a soft spot in my heart for the original Ghostbusters film, and it’s sad that I’ve only ever gotten a tee shirt to sport my love… pretty sure it was bootleg too. Regardless! If you can’t get enough of being slimed, Hero Collector has some awesome merch for you!

Socks. Sorry, I, uh, didn’t start with the most exciting word on the planet, did I? Although, if you’re like me, socks are no longer the dreaded X-mas present they once were (actually I always loved getting novelty socks, so, I’m weird). But socks are a great, subtle way to show off your pride, I mean, you can wear these while wearing a suit, and no one will really notice… unless your pants are a tad short. While I have a soft spot for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and the Ecto-1 license plate is iconic… I have to say, I’m digging the Slimer socks (I like black!). But the best part? 80% cotton! So soft!

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Shirts! Better than socks, and less subtle. Hero Collector is producing SIX TEE SHIRTS bearing the chibi design of the Ghostbusters crew and ghouls. I have to say, out of all of them… I like the one that just simply bears all the characters, grid style. The others are really cool, but I like the simplicity of the design. But, what’s better than shirts? ENAMEL PINS! Okay, that’s my opinion, but I freaking love enamel pins, and they can not only adorn nearly anything, but they’re small enough where you can collect them without blocking your room (I uh, may have some Funko Pops cluttering the top of my dresser). And yes, they have the core four characters, two Ecto1s, monsters, and support characters. So many pins to collect! A whopping NINETEEN of them! Yes I want them all!


I think all we need are some sweatpants, and we can create quite a look, right? Maybe in the future. This exclusive collection by Hero Collector will be released on March 13, 2020 (one reason to look forward to a Friday the 13th, right?) on their webstore, exclusively, and if you subscribe to the Build the Ecto-1 subscription series.

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I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! (I’m so sorry)

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