Hidden Society #1 (REVIEW)

Feb 26, 2020


Mad Cave Studios


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Hidden Society # 1

One aspect that fascinates me with stories is how a team is assembles.  Sometimes the creation is the result of access, all the members are there and they unite under a common banner.  Other times a team is assembles out of availability, the people there when the problem occurs decide to unite.  Hidden Society #1 presents yet another reason, ancestry.  It’s not hard to understand the concept of ancestry in forming a team.  Hidden Society #1 masterfully presents the blueprint for forming a team in this method. 

Hidden Society # 1

Dark Horse Comics

Script: Rafael Scavone
Art: Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letters: Bernardo Brice

Hidden Society presents a cast of characters each unaware of their ultimate purpose and each other.  Well that is with the exception of Mercy a mysterious bounty hunter who is probably older than she appears.  She also seems to know more about what is going on than her future team members, finding the name Ulloo in the text she is reading.  In regards to the team she is clearly the muscle and probably the attitude as well.  Next we meet Laura and Ocrus (and Laura’s seeing eye dog Ozzy).  Laura and Ocrus present a sense of levity with their unique dynamic. 

A blind “master” to what seems to be an incorrigible genie.  We meet these two on a hunt to say, Laura serving as bait to allow Ocrus to handle a few hooligans.  I can see where the heart of this team, it’s moral compass is and it’s with this partnership.  After discussing the morality of their little operation these two encounter Ulloo.  This ancient wizard is our first indication that something is afoot, offering Laura the chance to save the world. 

Finally, we meet Jadoo who is a young and upcoming magician.  This modern day illusionist is shocked to be confronted by a true wizard in the form of Ulloo appearing in his dressing room mirror.  He is even more shocked to discover the words he spelled caused the Brooklyn Bridge to disappear.  Jadoo serves as the youth, the attitude, the ego that most teams have and most can deal without.  I already wonder how likely he is to unintentionally betray the team at some point through his youthful ignorance.  

Hidden Society #1 doesn’t spell out its threat like some books do when a team is formed.  Whatever is coming is known by none of the characters we meet in the first issue with the exception of Ulloo. 

That alone spells trouble for this team.  His connection with the team, like knowing Jadoo’s grandfather, leaves him with the unique opportunity to be of help or withhold whatever information he deems.  I am at a loss to find one thing I could not enjoy in this comic.  The artwork, the characters are marvellously presented, it has a very modern feel and everything simply flowed from panel to panel.  Hidden Society #1 offers the reader a glimpse into a recruitment drive for an imminent treat.  There is some reason each of these characters is chosen.  Only Jadoo seems to have some sort of connection to any previous incarnations of the Hidden Society.  Despite offering much in terms of information to where things are headed Hidden Society has offered just a glimpse into what I believe is a truly great adventure.