Hidden Society #2 (REVIEW)

Mar 24, 2020



Hidden Society #2
Dark Horse

Script: Rafael Scavone
Art: Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letters: Bernardo Brice


Issue #2 of explores more about the Hidden Society. We also get a look at the evil it was created to contain. Unexpected results of man’s actions lead to the destruction of worlds. That is until a group with differences bound it. After giving the reader three unique heroes in the first issue, Hidden Society #2 doesn’t make the origin too overwhelming. The Siblings of Nihl are interesting for the attire at least, given they are their servants of this evil.

Most of the spotlight this issue is on this incarnation of the Hidden Society which is a good thing. I was curious what each member actually bought to the table. So far I am enjoying Orcus and am curious on his connection to Laura. We learn more about Mercy, revealing why last issue ended with her gun trained on Ulloo. The issue does a good job spotlighting what realm of the occult each member operates in.

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Hidden Society is about spells, magic and the spirit realm. Being able to visually create such dynamic situations can be difficult. Artist Rafael Albuquerque’s talent for creating these for the reader are on display throughout the issue. Marcelo Costa uses colors to draw the readers attention to the magic and abilities each hero wields.

It’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to origin of evil stories. Instead Rafael Scavone gives us a unique grouping. We have a kid entertainer who is realizing his magical heritage but still learning. A blind thief? And Mercy servant to a demon. If the others succumbed to the Siblings as Ulloo stated then I’m interested what chance this group may have.


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