High School Drama And Uzi’s In “Deadly Class #11” Review

Feb 17, 2015


DeadlyClass_11-1Deadly Class #11

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Wes Craig
Color by: Lee Loughridge

Deadly Class continues to be a high intensity, character driven, high school drama that doesn’t disappoint and issue eleven maybe its best entry yet. We finally reach the culmination of Remenders second arc and a story that has been building sense issue one. Marcus and crew have invaded Chester’s hideout and the shit has hit the fan. What we get next is 24 pages of non-stop brutality and one of the best comics I have had the pleasure of reading.

Remender perfectly paces the action with character moments as Marcus’ love triangle seemingly explodes amonst a spectacle of bullets and dynamite. Remender seamlessly and beautifully resolves our characters’ conflict while they literally fight for their lives. Every scene in this book will have you holding your breath as they are all so intense and important to pushing the story forward. I could feel myself gripping the book tighter and tighter as I turned each page. Remender is a master story teller and this finale to his second arc of Deadly Class is only further proof of his mastery.

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Remender’s script for Deadly Class #11 is perfect but Wes Craig’s pencils and Lee Loughridge’s colors make it legendary. The art for Deadly Class has always been a high light but the high action and intensity of this issue allow Craig and Loughridge to really stretch their legs and go nuts. Craig displays action in the best way possible as each panel is crisp, clear and bloody beautiful. Loughridge really heightens the tension with some amazing color work that is better seen than described. All I can say is murder and mayhem never looked so beautiful.

Deadly Class #11 is everything I could ever want in a finale. Remender delivers the action and emotional resolution we have been patiently awaiting sense Marcus first walked into Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts and once again proves he is the king of the “slow burn.” If Remender’s story wasn’t good enough Craig and Loughride’s art makes this fantastic finale a feast for the eyes. Deadly Class #11 is the perfect ending to what has been an emotional, horrific and very high school journey for Marcus; I can’t wait for what’s next.

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