Highlights from Jon Bernthal & Elden Henson’s panel at Dallas Fan Expo

Jun 6, 2016



Right off the bat, the duo were thrown a fastball and were asked their thoughts on “how connected the MCU [films] feel to the show?”

Elden took the safer, funnier approach, “I’m just happy to have a job honestly. Honestly as an actor, you are just so happy to have a job.

Bernthal added, “He just dodged the shit out of your question. I don’t have anything better, I’m just saying that was awesome.”

Continuing the first question, the duo were asked: What are the chances that we will see you guys pop up in a Marvel movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming maybe?

Bernthal quickly quipped back with, “You know it’s just good to have a job, you know, as an actor.”

When Bernthal was asked if it was true that fans would approach him and shout, “Hey man, don’t screw this up”,

“I get it man. I don’t want to feel cheesy or a douche but i get it. It’s a character that has been around for so long and means so much to so many people, when you read a comic book, it requires your own imagination that you have to infuse. There are these captions, these illustrations, these words, and you, the reader, fill in the blanks of what’s going on in between. So much of the comic book experience happens in the audiences own imagination and that gives a sense of ownership. Point being, this character belongs to the audience. The comic book audience. The fact that people care about this, I definitely didn’t shrug that off. I took it very much to heart and had an enormous amount of pressure. Going to comic book shops and talking to people. All the way up until the show aired, dudes staring me down. Sometimes super nerdy guys, like “Damn, dude”.

Q: Was there a particular story line within the comics that you gravitated towards?

“Punisher: Max.

I’ve said it before, there is no way i would have been able to play this part if I wasn’t a husband and a father. I think until you love something more than you love yourself, could you being to imagine if that was taken from you and what you would do if that was taken from you.”

On the subject of working with Spider-Man’s Tom Holland,

“Tommy was working on his Spider-Man. I mean, that was a process, like a year long process. We were in Ireland working on a movie, there were a couple of tapes for him and the Punisher came around the same time. I got the utmost respect for him. He is an unbelievable and talented actor, and a great great person. I love him with all my heart.”

Finally, the question that got both actors laughing and the crowd cheering, “Who would win in a fight against The Punisher and Elektra?”

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Henson: “Dang! Mind Blown!”

Bernthal smirked and said “Elektra, Elektra.”



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