The Hitman’s Body Guard Blu-Ray Reviewers

Nov 30, 2017

What happens when you combine Deadpool and the villain from the first Kingsmen movie?  That’s what Patrick Hughes sets out to put on display for the world to see in The Hitman’s Body Guard; now on Blu-Ray, 4K Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD.

Today I get to give you a quick review of the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD combo pack which was kindly provided by Lionsgate.

For starters, the packaging keeps with the norms of all other Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD combo packs, with a great looking sleeve for the movie, and the insert with the Digital HD key.  Blu-Ray on front, DVD in the back, this package is standard, but it’s hard to beat tried and true.

Once you pop the Blu-Ray in, you get to the full viewing experience that it has to offer.  The Blu-Ray and Digital HD provide a great variety of special features, over 90 minutes of bonus content, bringing to light some of the different aspects of the movie that Patrick Hughes was trying to go for in the movie.  The outtakes are great, some of them might even be better than what made the movie. Several of the alternate scenes are interesting to watch since they aren’t in their final form at all, giving the viewer an inside view of what it is like to go through the editing phase of a movie.

The movie itself is great.  Striking a balance of a slightly subdued Deadpool, (less wrinkly ball looking and more classy), Ryan Reynolds does an excellent job of playing the former AAA rated personal body guard gone to the dumps.