Home Sweet Hell in “Restoration” (Movie Review)

Uncorked Entertainment

Directed by: Zack Ward
Starring: Emily Roya O’Brien, Adrian Gaeta, and Zack Ward

Out now on VOD with a DVD release of July 5th

First glance at the synopsis of Restoration I thought here we go again with a lost girls soul trapped in a house. How many times can we see this? Well Zack Ward has proven to me that you can come up with fresh ideas on an old theme. Zack along with co-writer James Cullen Bressack (Pernicious, 13/13/13) know how to deliver a story and also throw in some unexpected surprises. By surprises I mean a nice little demented twist. The evil curve ball comes out of left field and leaves you with a sinister smile as the credits roll.

A young couple has moved into a new house. While Rebecca (Emily Roya O’Brien) is at work, her husband Todd (Adrian Gaeta) is at home restoring their new place. While Todd is demolishing a wall he finds a teddy bear that is filled with more then just stuffing. Inside the couple finds a diary that belonged to the owner of the stuffed animal. As Rebecca channels her inner Nancy Drew she gets haunted in life and her dreams. What ensues is a mystery that becomes dark and deranged.

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This film moves at a great pace and is very enjoyable. For an independent movie the cast was great and played perfectly off of each other. Emily steals the show and delivers a great performance. I believe we will see her in more films to come. The one flaw for me in this movie was the special effects. They were a little off and not “awe” worthy. Yes with a limited budget things have to take a back seat. It is always better to have a great script and actors than special effects. Being that this is Zack Ward’s first time at directing a feature film I believe he knocked it out of the park. Overall this is a movie worth watching.


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