Hotell Vol. 2 #1 (REVIEW)

Dec 1, 2021

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Hotell vol. 2 #1 Main Cover

Hotell Vol. 2 #1

When I first embarked on reading Hotell, I was given one piece of advice: read during the day. That advice was both wise and well heeded. Hotell Vol. 1 was an absolute horror tour de force, which set a remarkably high bar. With Hotell Vol. 2 #1, it’s safe to say writer John Lees and artist Dalibar Talajic have once again delivered a horrifying tale that continues to be one of the genre’s best. 

AWA/Upshot Studios
Written by: John Lees
Art by: Dalibor Talajic
Colors by: Lee Louthridge

Welcome back to Pierot Courts, where nothing is as it seems and everything is crazier than you could ever imagine. Through brilliant storytelling, Hotell Vol. 2 #1 is a simple story of one man’s cowardice that takes a wildly terrifying twist. Simply put, Hotell Vol. 2 #1 is one of the best the series has to offer. 

“Hotell continues to be a must read — not just for horror fans, but for everybody. ”

In the universe of Hotell, Lees has created something special. Hotell is not quite an anthology series, but can easily be read that way. Read an issue here, read an issue there and you’ll be satisfied and thoroughly creeped out. However, it is the unique way Lees ties each issue together that elevates the story to a whole new level of terrifying.

When it comes to art and horror, Talajic is tough to beat. Throughout this series, Talajic has been the primary reason why I must read this book during the day. That is not to sell short Lees writing, however, its Talajic’s action sequences scare the hell out of me. The imagery Talajic evokes is haunting, surreal and gory, which is a perfect pairing to Lees’ great storytelling.

Hotell continues to be a must read — not just for horror fans, but for everybody. It’s as smart as it is horrific, which makes for a very enjoyable read — even if one is reading with the lights on and from under a blanket. 

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