House Game’s Second Phase

Jun 16, 2022

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House Game’s Second Phase

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By: House Game

The Post

Over the past few months, global financial markets have taken a substantial hit and are sitting low at the moment. This has affected many markets, including the NFT market. Due to the circumstances we face, morale has been low across the board and many projects have fallen off.

Despite the market conditions, our goal is to bring value to our community, whether that be through easy or tough times. We’ve been discussing possible solutions and ways we can deliver value to our community for the past few weeks. We’ve finalized on our most sensible solution and after thorough planning, we’re ready to present our second phase.

Unsustainability Since the inception of House Game, we planned on utilizing many P2E mechanics. Recently, this proved to be unsustainable for the future of House Game. Most P2E mechanics are extremely unsustainable and often P2E games last for very little time.

We’ve taken a look at many different mechanics and utilities that NFT projects have utilized, and we came to the conclusion that most of it is driven by hype. While this might not sound too bad, once you take a deeper look into hype, you start to understand why it’s unsustainable. When a project is hyped, whether it has utility or not, its prices will inflate. When hype starts to die down, so does the inflated price and this burns peak buyers. This often leads to an upset community and can cause the price to dip down even lower, despite having utility.

The main issue is that most projects don’t have real utility. Rather, they have temporary mechanics to offset an inevitable price correction. When a project has no real utility, the situation becomes worse as there is no recovery and it eventually goes to zero. This led us to come to the decision that in order to bring value, we must take a change in direction away from P2E and towards a new unique approach.

Our Solution We want to remain in the real estate industry with a more hands on approach. Simply put, we’re going to create the first fractionalized real estate development company in Web3. We’ll quickly go over our plans for the second phase, and after we receive feedback from the community, we’ll create a new whitepaper with extensive explanations and specifications.

How It Works House Game will host a second launch to raise capital that will be allocated towards a real estate development fund. With the fund, we will be remodeling and constructing real estate properties and selling them for a profit. We’ll launch a new NFT pass where each holder will have rights to a fraction of the profits made from our real estate investments.

Why This Works Most people know that real estate development is a lucrative industry but they don’t have the expertise, time or money to get into the industry. We lower the barrier of entry and allow the average person to participate in real estate development without the need of expertise, time or a lump sum of money. We build a mutual fund, put our time and expertise into real estate development and create real utility for our community with monetary returns.

Our Qualifications The team behind House Game has a lot of experience within the real estate industry. Not the digital real estate industry, rather the physical one. One of our main investors is the owner of a construction/landscaping company and is fully experienced in real estate development as he’s been in the industry for 20+ years. In the time he’s been in the industry, he’s developed a lot of connections with subcontractors, development companies and many other real estate related companies.

Questions For Our Community This is an outline of what we have planned, and we’d like to get some feedback from our community before moving forward. Use this form here to submit your answer to these questions.

We’re thinking about rebranding House Game. What are your thoughts/suggestions? What do you think about the plan for our second phase? Do you have any concerns/suggestions? Do you support this new direction? What would you like to see us do differently this time around? Are there any other comments or questions you may have?


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