How does WoW Mythic+ Services work?

Aug 2, 2021


How does WoW Mythic+ Services work?

Introduced initially in the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion, Mythic difficulty dungeons have proven to be a huge success in keeping the World of Warcraft PvE endgame content highly enjoyable and exciting, as Blizzard find brand new ways to pack harder and newer content with each iteration of each expansion – most notably being the Shadowlands expansion, which sees weekly ‘affixes or difficulty changes to Mythic+ dungeons. 

Mythic+ dungeons have become key methods for players to progress in many aspects, most notably being gear progression, however many players seek to complete all Mythic dungeon content for titles and achievements also, amongst other rewards upon completing said content. However, Mythic+ dungeons are also very tough, take long amounts of time, and require preparation and organization that certain players lack and struggle to do so. As such, professional boosting service providers for World of Warcraft, like Kingboost, offer Mythic+ Keystone Completion boosting services, up to the maximum Mythic+ level of +20. Kingboost offers the guaranteed completion of various Mythic+ dungeons in the Shadowlands expansion currently, and players or potential customers can choose from weekly keys to specifically timed runs and more, to accommodate players progression towards their Keystone Master achievement. 

With each Kingboost WoW Mythic+ boost dungeon run, players are given, alongside completion of the dungeon or multiple dungeons they have selected, up to 4 available loot traders in the group during each run – so that the players have a chance of getting even more gear and loot had they ben playing in PUGs with likeminded players also looking for gear. 

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The End of Dungeon item level loot range is from roughly ilvl 210 for a +2 Mythic key, all the way to +236 for a +15 Mythic key, and players also have a chance each week to get a maximum ilvl reward of ilvl 252 from the Great Vault – a weekly gear reward for completing Mythic+ content each week. Kingboost offers guarantees for whichever service you pay for – you are guaranteed to receive the completed dungeon you desired, as well as a timer guarantee – the dungeon you have selected and the specific difficulty will be completed within the timeframe, so that you get more loot and have achievement progression. 

Options Available for a Mythic+ Boosting Service

Players are given various options with regard to selecting a Mythic+ boosting service from Kingboost. These options are the following:

  • Players are able to select the level of the Key – this will influence the desired difficulty of the Mythic dungeon and the desired gear ilvl.
  • Players are also able to select a specific key, and a specific dungeon. You don’t have to pay for all +15 Mythic dungeon runs for the Keystone Master achievement if you only require a few more completed. 
  • Full refunds guaranteed IF Kingboost does not complete the run in the specific timeframe – It is unlikely, as Kingboost is the best professional boosting team in the market, however it is humanly possible for runs to not be completed in the required time. Therefore, Kingboost is dedicated to providing a full and complete refund. 
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How the Mythic+ boosting works

Mythic plus boosting offered by Kingboost works in the following ways:

  • Once the order is received, Kingboost will then contact the buyer to go over the details regarding the boost – specific details relevant to your selected boost will be discussed, as well as a boosting time that is suited to both you and Kingboost. 
  • If the player purchases the Self-play option then: once the agreed upon time hits, the player will receive an in-game invite from a member of the Kingboost boosting team to summon you to the dungeon and you will receive a carry throughout the content selected. 
  • If the player has purchased the Piloted option then: once the agreed upon time hits, a member of the Kingboost professional boosting team will play on the players account and carry them through the required content selected. 
  • The final step of how a Mythic+ boost is now to enjoy your new boost! Enjoy the gear you have just received, or the achievement progression, new mounts etc. 

To summarize, this article has explained what exactly players can expect from a professional Mythic+ dungeon boost like the ones provided by Kingboost. To book yours today, please browse the official site for up to date prices and ETA estimations. 

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