How to Protect Your Steam Account

Sep 30, 2022

There is quite a lot of cybercrime on Steam and other online gaming accounts. If you want to increase the security of your account and make sure that your data stays safe, you can check out these tips on how to optimize the security of your account.

On online gaming platforms like Steam, Origin, and Epic, there are unfortunately a lot of hackers. This is mainly because of the big amounts that gamers actually spend on games and in-game features. That’s what makes these accounts attractive. If you have an account on Steam that you’d like to protect better, there are a few simple things that you can do. Check them out here.

Use a VPN

First of all, it is always a good idea to use a VPN if possible. A VPN is a protective shield that makes your account almost unhackable by encrypting your data. When you’re using a VPN, you’re on a private network. This is why you can use it for multiple things besides increasing your security. One of the things that you can use it for is changing your Steam region. This makes it possible to play geo-restricted games. This is against the Steam regulations, so if you use it for this it’s at your own risk. But a VPN can help you with staying safe in general online. 

Set up 2FA

If you haven’t already set up two-factor authentication (2FA), you should do it today. It decreases the risk of being hacked tremendously. Data shows that 99,9% of all hacking attempts are blocked by 2FA. When you enable 2FA, you add another verification method like Face ID or a phone number. It’s super easy and your security will be tremendously increased. You can easily enable this on Steam and also if you are using Discord while playing. 

Get a strong password

To protect your steam account, you should change your password on a regular basis. At least every three months. When you change your password, make sure that you choose a strong password. Your password is the first barrier that a hacker would have to get through. This is why you should make it as difficult as possible by choosing something completely random and complicated. 

Choose a password that has numbers, letters, and symbols. If you think it’s difficult to come up with something, many online password name generators can help you create strong passwords. You can also get some help securely managing all of your passwords by using a password manager. 

Think twice online

The last tip to protect your Steam account is to remember to think twice. Avoid giving out any details about your password or personal information on Steam or any other online platform. Even to your friends. You never know whether their accounts might be hacked and your information will fall into the wrong hands. If you follow these tips and remember to be careful and think twice, you will have increased your online safety significantly.


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