How to Use An NFT as Your Twitter Profile

Mar 20, 2022

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Twitter just made it possible to use an NFT as your Twitter profile. The feature was previously revealed in September 2021, but was only available to Twitter Blue subscribers using iOS.
As of today it is available to everyone, but there are some specifics you’ll need to know if you want to use and NFT as your profile picture on Twitter.

Why is Twitter doing this?

NFT profile pictures are a way to show off the NFTs you own on Twitter.

How to set up your NFT Profile

They use a temporary connection to your crypto wallet to allow you to set up an NFT as your profile picture. Once complete, your NFT gets displayed in a special hexagon shape that identifies you as the owner of that NFT.

From Twitter:

To set up an NFT Profile Picture, you must control the address that holds the NFT you’d like to select as your profile picture. 

When you connect your supported crypto wallet to Twitter, Twitter will generate a verification request message to your wallet address, where you’ll be asked to complete a signing request which will include your Twitter handle. 

A couple things to keep in mind: 

  • Signing requests should only come from a domain
  • Twitter will never ask you to send funds when connecting your crypto wallet

Note: Right now Twitter only supports static image NFTs (JPEG, PNG) on the Ethereum blockchain, for example ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.


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