HTGAWM 2.6: Oh, Frank!

Nov 3, 2015


bonnie-and-frank-how-to-get-away“She can’t die…please tell me what’s happening… don’t let her die.”- Frank Delfino

Now where were we? Actually, where will we be in two weeks? ADA Emily Sinclair lies dead at the Halpstall estate, Bonnie loses Asher while running from the crime scene, the Keating four are rescued by Nate, and they escort Michaela to an apartment…where Caleb Hapstall (Kendrick Sampson) anxiously waits. So, where is Frank, or Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda); the night that Annelise is shot? “You can’t let her die,” cries Frank as the doctors rush Annelise into the operating room. As, Frank leaves the hospital he quickly bottles up his emotions, because he has work to do. Especially, considering that Catherine Hapstall is unconscious (maybe even dead) in his backseat. In a single instant Frank’s establishes an alibi for the night and shows how devoted he is to his boss. Two weeks earlier, Annelise defends a transgender professor accused of killing her husband, while the Keating five continue to unravel the Hapstall case…leading them to another suspect. Like I have said before, this series is organized chaos, with all the story threads, it’s easy to forget about Frank, lurking in the background. Just remember, everything leads back to Frank.

How-to-Get-Away-with-Murder-season-2-episode-6-Two-Birds-One-Millstone-Laurel-Asher-feature“Or, as I prefer to call it two birds, one Millstone.” –Annelise Keating

Asher agrees to not testify against Annelise, and now everything can return back to normal. Then, Annelise receives an urgent phone call from a fellow professor, played by Alexandra Billings, “Tell me everything, I’ll fix it.” Again, Anneliese this season finds herself defending an actual murderer; only in this case her client serves as an excellent foil for our leading lady. Alexandra Billings plays a cunning transgender housewife, who married a drunken wife beater, “And I believed him when he said, that he was the only one who would ever love me,” pause- commence slow clap. This line poignantly alludes to the fear of loneliness being the main reason as to why woman stay in abusive relationships. In addition, the line subtly forms an emotional bond between these two woman, “I ‘am glad Sam’s dead too, he wasn’t the man everyone thought he was either,” states Annelise. These scenes between Annelise and Alexandra Billings were superb as each stood across from one another; their respective frame’s lighting and coloring contrasting the other.  Thanks to the Millstone, Alexandra Billings’ character gets away with murder, “It’s okay you’re free to finally get to be the woman you really are.” All, because Annelise uses evidence regarding federal judge Millstone’s corruption as leverage and strikes a deal with the prosecution.   In addition, ADA Sinclair stops harassing Asher.  Annelise fixes both situations, but much to Asher’s dismay’s uses one Millestone to solve both problems.

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HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - "Two Birds, One Millstone" - Annalise takes on a new client, a transgender professor accused of killing her husband. Meanwhile, the Keating 5 are left to handle the Hapstall case and they discover a shocking new suspect, on "How to Get Away with Murder," THURSDAY OCTOBER 29 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) VIOLA DAVIS, ALFRED ENOCH

“She needed me the whole time that I was in jail, in court, but I wasn’t there, cause you stole that from us…the only time we had left together…you stole.” –Nate Lahey

Annelise Keating is not a murderer, but she is a thief and masterful manipulator. Annelise receives another unexpected call during the episode, when she receives news that Nia Lahey has passed away. This leads to Annelise attempting to comfort Nate with peach cobbler, he opens his door during her second visit. “I don’t hate you, I just don’t care about you,” states Nate. Only a few episodes ago, these characters stood in the exact same doorway, where Nate gave Annelise hope. In comparison this scene strikes a dark chord of hopelessness, as Nate describes his final moments with his wife, “No one is ever going to love you that way.” A great tie back into the previous mentioned scene involving the ‘case of the week’ story line.  Annelise’s worst nightmare is slowly becoming a reality; Nate closes the door on her. Meanwhile, Wes overhears the whole conversation and Annelise quickly chases after him. This leads to another heated argument as Wes insists that Annelise tells him the truth about Rebecca, and she protests too much, “And the worst part about this is that its destroying us, but I’m here for you, Wes, I’m never leaving you.”

The final Wes/Annelise confrontation scene is cut together with revelations regarding several ongoing subplots. ADA Emily Sinclair informs Bonnie that Asher’s involved in Tiffany Howard’s gang rape case. Oliver discovers the identity of the mysterious Hapstall cousin, Phillip JesFranksup, and vice versa. While, Oliver and Connor argue about consequences for their actions, Phillip watches them through the laptop camera. Finally, Frank meets up with Bruno to exchange a briefcase full of cash for Rebecca’s body. Annelise leaves Wes’ apartment and calls Frank, “Please tell me you took care of it.” He pulls over to the woods, and in a spectacular transitional edit frame, we flash forward; Frank’s removing Catherine’s body from his car. He’s not burying her, but meticulously planting her in the woods at the Hapstall estate. Time lapse to next day; a police officer reports finding the suspect, just as Catherine wakes up. Did you remember lesson number two? Find another suspect.

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Episode Rating: 8

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