Hulu Nears Deal To Develop George R. R. Martin’s ‘Wild Cards’

Nov 13, 2018

George R. R. Martin is close to signing a deal with Hulu that will allow them to develop a shared universe of shows based on the anthology series ‘Wildness Cards.’

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Hulu is ready to open a writers room for the two shows as soon as the deal is signed. Andrew Miller is set to helm them, with Martin, Melinda Snodgrass, and Vince Geradis executive producing.

’Wild Cards’ is already a franchise in the non-digital world, consisting of novels, novellas, and games that began in the 80’s. The franchise centers around a virus released in 1946 that killed off 90% of the population. The surviving 10% carried the virus but it only activated during a traumatic event. Following that, the virus would either grant the person superpowers, a mutation, or kill them.

Martin never wrote any of the 27 books himself, but he did edit them with Snodgrass, as well as leading the RPG based on the books, and came up with many of the character’s powers.

Besides ‘Wild Cards,’ Martin also has the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ at HBO and ‘Nightflyers’ at Syfy. No ‘Wild Cards’ shows have a release date yet.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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