Hunter’s Legacy Review

Apr 27, 2017



I got a chance to review Hunter’s Legacy, a very gorgeous 2D platformer starring Ikki, a cute cat who must save the kingdom of Iripur from the evil Morodir by being sent on a quest to receive the Fang of Alliance. The game features a non-lineal design where the focus is on exploration and combat in an open world filled with different characters, enemies, and collectibles. 

 The aesthetics are awesome and resemble modern cartoons like Adventure Time or Gravity Falls.  The game is pretty easy to grasp, as you will be platforming, hacking and slashing, and puzzle solving moving through various areas of the world to collect 3 Orbs to access the final boss. I really loved the controls and the ability to attack at all angels by simple moving the direction you want to hit. One major thing I love is that it features cat like movements and attacks like being able to latch onto walls, jump high, land on your feet and even claw at your foes. You are able to collect hidden items and money that are only accessible by defeating bosses that grant you their power. You can later travel back to a point in the game using a teleport and find said items. The items and money then let you upgrade your health and weapons so that you may defeat the final boss easier. Of course, you can always just run through the game and fight the final boss without any upgrades, making it extremely challenging but rewarding as you can get a special achievement for it. 

 I loved the controls, and never had any issue with movements or lagging. The enemys are pretty easy to beat, but there is a big variety and can get difficult at certain points in the game. Yes the enemy’s are easy and predictable, but they are well placed and require a lot of thinking to move past area’s making for a fun and challenging experience. 

 The boss battles are fun and unique and offer a pleasant and fulfilling experience. You have to learn their patterns and think quickly as things can get sticky pretty quick if you try and rush through a fight.  

 As mentioned before, there are some puzzle solving required, but nothing extremely difficult. There was some pretty cool things added for challenging puzzles like having to move a plant in a certain direction to get by or having enemies attached to you to get by certain zones. 

 The game isn’t very long, I’d say about 4-6 hours of gameplay unless you want to do a 100% completion. However, as mentioned before, you will have an easier time fighting the final boss if you take your time and collect upgrades.  

 Overall, if you like fun 2D platformer’s, you will enjoy this game. The fun action, controls, the graphics and art style along with awesome boss battles and even music make this indie a very cool game. At it’s price, I can definitely recommend getting this game.

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