Ice Cream Man #6 Review

Aug 14, 2018

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Ice Cream Man #6
Image Comics

Written By: W. Maxwell Prince
Art By: Martín Morazzo
Colors By: Chris O’Halloran
Letters By: Good Old Neion

So here I am looking forward to the new issue of Ice Cream Man and at first. I was thinking oh, this is starting off pretty normal. If you haven’t kept up, this series is essentially like Tales from the Crypt or The Twilight Zone but in a comic book form. It definitely didn’t take long for things to get “interesting” as you follow a young man’s life on three different paths. What’s fun about it in this issue though is you’re seeing all the different lives of this one person happening at the same time. Certain colors are used as filters to differentiate the different lives this man is having and they all have their ups and downs.

There is still a bit of tragedy in each of these different lives that we watch happen. One specifically is far less worst than the other two, but with context, it’s not a happy story for everyone even in that life. But what we see happening is a man just trying to go from day to day with essentially bad luck happening all the time, another where he meets someone for a long-term relationship, and the last one he finds a dog. What had ultimately decided his fate though was dependent on the path he chose at the beginning of the issue. What I enjoyed the most here was just seeing how different things really play out for a person. There’s that saying one small choice can lead to big changes and he it was simply the direction he wanted to walk that day.

The art team is still doing a fine job here. Past reviews I have mentioned how certain styles should be used to really bring out the feel of a book and this here is more in line of what you would see for horror. But the big thing in this issue in particular is the coloring and paneling. Having to structure 3 lives with fewer panels to get a big story across can be challenging and they use the same amount of panels for each page on each life story here. The choice of coloring used as filters is also interesting because the filters are pretty bright and I imagine getting the coloring right was probably the biggest challenge here. Ice Cream Man hasn’t stopped being weird and this issue brings quite a mix of emotions with all that happens to this man in all three of his lives.

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