Idris Elba Won’t Be Playing A Klingon If He Joins ‘Star Trek 3’; Paramount Fixing Sexist Elements?

Mar 31, 2015


Screenwriter and actor Simon Pegg has weighed-in on the rumor Star Trek 3 villain candidate Idris Elba could be playing a Klingon. Pegg spoke to Absolute Radio (via AICN) saying that if Elba joins the film the role won’t be a Klingon.

QUESTION:  What about the rumors that Idris Elba is going to be a Klingon?  

PEGG:  That’s not true.

QUESTION:   Not at all…

PEGG:  No.  No.

QUESTION:   In it at all?  Is he in the film?

PEGG:   Idris?  I heard there’s a rumor he’d been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film.  But he won’t be a Klingon.  

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Let’s keep in mind that everyone lied to press about Khan being the role Benedict Cumberbatch was playing in Star Trek Into Darkness including J.J. Abrams, it’s hard to take their word after losing that trust. They been spending the last two films setting-up the Klingons and Kirk has a legendary conflicted history with the warrior aliens.

Original films The Search For Spock and The Undiscovered Country focused on Klingons so it’s a bit odd they haven’t made them fully formed threats for the Federation even with a looming war on the way.

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Film Divider reportedly have some other character details concerning Star Trek 3. Paramount is looking to include a larger female cast with the first woman president of  The United Federation of Planets and a female Federation Captain that would be a rival for Kirk. Along with one of Bones’ ex-wives which could be either Pamela Branch or Jocelyn Treadaway.

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The assumption is that this new group female characters is reaction from Paramount to remove the sexist vibes from the franchise. It was pretty much summed-up with Alice Eve’s Carol Marcus (a brilliant science officer) undressing to her underwear to only show-off her body with Kirk is fully clothed. Eve’s expression on her face says “why is this even happening?”.

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One of the biggest issues the franchise is that the attractive female characters (which is most) are reduced to sexual conquests for Kirk, there is even a scene where it’s alluded to Kirk has been sexually harassing crew members like nurse Christine Chapel. This was played off as something to joke about which is another glaring problem the studio needs to fix. Chapel is said to be a character that could be added to the lineup, there’s some hope she confronts Kirk about it.

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Some also suggest there was some whitewashing going-on with the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan in Into Darkness. Considering other candidates for the role included Benicio Del Toro, Demian Bichir, Édgar Ramírez and Jordi Mollà, latino actors likely eyed to pay homage to Ricardo Montalbán. I think it would be in Paramount’s best interest to push for a diverse lineup all around, since it’s what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted.

Even if Idris Elba is confirmed via trades or officially announced, I doubt we’ll hear who he’ll actually be playing from Paramount or team mystery box. I also don’t see them revealing who the villains will be this early-on. Hopefully some scoopers can find-out like they did last time.

Star Trek 3 is set for release on July 8th, 2016.


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